Entry #1


2007-10-31 18:58:11 by Scoregasm

This is Dirk Danger, reporting in...

Indestruc2Tank - sequel to the suprise hit IndestructoTank! - has hit the Newgrounds Portal (and bounced off for combos) just minutes ago. I worked on it. It's awesome. Everyone vote 5. You know, if you want to and everything.

The sequel features improved graphics and physics, the Classic game virtually untouched, an Enhanced version of the game featuring additions suggested by you the great NG public, and even an Adventure mode with fully voice acted cutscenes and a stirring orchestral score.

Get on there and play it!


Shameless plug ends.


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2007-10-31 19:17:30

Omg I'll give it a try...


2007-10-31 22:09:30

Just finished the adventure mode, a great game you have here!


2010-06-09 11:12:13

you great