Shameless Self-promotion

2008-07-21 08:37:43 by Scoregasm

Good afternoon (geography pending).

I'm Joel, co-creator of IndestructoTank! and a handful of other things you might like a bit.

Mr. Tony, more evidently of ITank fame, is currently smouldering with determination for increasing the readership of my humble little weblog, and has thus put me up to plugging it here. I generally write about videogames and their design, but just occasionally something like this comes up, and I feel compelled to stray from the titular Primary Concerns.

Incidentally, since that post I have moved even higher in the Google rankings for that questionable search term - now holding both the 4th and 5th results. This has made me feel quite competitive, so if any of you fine folks would like to aid in my ascent to the top, then by all means perform this search and click on a link to Joel's Weblog Primarily Concerning Games.

Otherwise, just click the link below.

Joel's Weblog Primarily Concerning Games.


2007-10-31 18:58:11 by Scoregasm

This is Dirk Danger, reporting in...

Indestruc2Tank - sequel to the suprise hit IndestructoTank! - has hit the Newgrounds Portal (and bounced off for combos) just minutes ago. I worked on it. It's awesome. Everyone vote 5. You know, if you want to and everything.

The sequel features improved graphics and physics, the Classic game virtually untouched, an Enhanced version of the game featuring additions suggested by you the great NG public, and even an Adventure mode with fully voice acted cutscenes and a stirring orchestral score.

Get on there and play it!


Shameless plug ends.